Things to Do in Sheboygan

Although Sheboygan is known for its exceptional bratwursts, there's more to this city than meat. Sheboygan is a big city that has a charming, small-town atmosphere, making it an ideal vacation destination. Discover what this exciting and welcoming city has to offer from this list of the top things to do:

Get your nerd on at the Bookworm Gardens

The Bookworm Gardens is one of Sheboygan's hidden gems, and it's the perfect place for families to visit. Whimsical and enchanting, this quaint location is a real-life version of a fairy tale. Bookworm Gardens has six separate areas known as Gateways. Each Gateway has its own magical theme. Before you enter a Gateway, a stone pillar filled with books will greet you and help you prepare for the bookworm journey ahead. Be sure to visit every Gateway to get the complete Bookworm Gardens experience.

Enjoy nature's beauty at the Kohler-Andrae State Park

If you want to go camping or get away from the city, this popular state park is a quintessential tourist attraction. The park is also the shore of Lake Michigan, so you get more than greenery here. From campsites to nature trails, the Kohler-Andrae State Park provides plenty of activities for nature lovers.

Grab a drink at 8th Street Ale Haus

For an adults' night out, indulge in beer and other goodies at this unique bar. The 8th Street Ale Haus bar offers a wide range of affordable beer. It also has popular bar activities, such as pool, to entertain customers.

Take a tour through the John Michael Kohler Arts Center

Full of whimsical and eccentric masterpieces, John Michael Kohler Arts Center is another popular attraction. Every inch of this arts center, including the bathrooms, are covered in contemporary works of art. You can also enjoy different performances that this arts center supports, such as operas and music shows.

Whether you want to tap into your creative side and visit an art center or want to explore nature, there's something here at Sheboygan for everyone!

Discover Sheboygan's rich history at the Historical Museum

Featuring exhibits about the major historical figures in the county's history, including the Weinhold Family's homestead and Judge David Tyler's work. The museum also focuses on the cheese-making industry, with an exhibit on the Bodenstab Cheese Factory. Even more cultural and historical attractions await your discovery.

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