Sheboygan Local Culture

Sheboygan has a tradition of being a bit of rebel, or maybe just ahead of their time, electing the first Democratic Socialist to office. It continues that tradition today with a lively art and music scene.

The town has gone to great lengths to preserve its heritage. The Historical Museum is located on Erie Av not far from the intersection with Taylor Drive. The complex includes Weinhold homestead which holds many of the permanent exhibits. The complex also includes a living history display with agricultural exhibits at the Schuchardt Barn and a cheese factory from the 1800s. Nearby you will also find a small monument to the Rouse Simmons Shipwreck that tells the struggle of an early pioneer family and life in the area. The town also contains the remains of early indigenous people with a well preserved Indian Mound Park on the south end of town.

Music has always played an important part in local culture. The premier performing arts venue is the Weil Center. During its reign it has welcomed everyone from the Marx Brother to Duke Ellington. The architectural wonder was renovated and reopened in 2001. It is the home of the symphony orchestra and accompanying choirs. The Weil also brings top international shows and performers to the city. Another active scene for live music is Paradigm Coffee and Music on North Eighth Street. It the home of the Etude Sessions, a series of concerts held at their club in support of local art and design academies.

The visual arts figure prominently in the community. Right downtown on New York Avenue sits the Kohler Arts Center. It not only cutting edge exhibits from around the world but is also host to the Midsummer Festival of the Arts and to concerts throughout the year. The Visual Arts Gallery is not far away and provides workspace for local artist. The gallery holds a “Final Friday” event every month with music and drink where patrons meet artists. For the young artist in the family, don’t miss the Bookworm Gardens near the university which recreates many of the stories of our childhood.

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