Two Ways to Learn to Sail

The Sailing Education Association of Sheboygan (SEAS) is offering classes in August for beginners from getting your feet wet to earning a sailing certification.  SEAS believes in Boating for Everyone! We encourage anyone with an interest is sailing or boating to try it. Being on the water is an incredible feeling and a great family or friend activity.

Join SEASE for a First Sail on Saturday, August 12 at noon. This 2-hour unique opportunity offers beginners an introduction to sailing in a casual setting and is designed to provide a memorable experience that will motivate newcomers to continue sailing.

Participants will get out on the water with an instructor in a keelboat provided by SEAS. The First Sail Experience features basic sailing hands-on learning that will cover topics such as, how a sail works, parts of a sailboat, points of sail, and important safety guidelines. Additionally, all First Sail Experience participants will have access to Chapter 1 of Basic Keelboat Online, a US Sailing online training course designed to prepare beginners for their first time on the water.

Want to learn more about sailing and gain a Keelboat Sailing Certification?  As a Keelboat Accredited Training Center SEAS is offering the Basic Keelboat Class with the curriculum created by US Sailing. Those who take this 4-day course will learn how to properly prepare a boat to sail, leave the dock/mooring, control a boat in confined waters, navigation rules and tips, control a boat in open waters, heavy weather sailors, safety and emergency procedures and more. Those who pass this class will receive a Basic Keelboat Certification from US Sailing. The dates for this class are Aug. 24-27.

SEAS US Sailing certified instructors will teach you the skills needed and give you an experience to remember.  Visit for details and registration for these or other classes offered.
SEAS is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that strives to educate the public about the benefits of sailing and boating, preservation of our maritime heritage and serves as a resource to help support the organizations, clubs, and individuals that fit the parameters of our mission.
To promote safety and knowledge for a lifetime of boating enjoyment through education, innovative solutions, and accessibility for those with physical, cognitive, or financial needs.
Boating for Everyone!

Visit for additional information. Photos courtesy of SEAS Facebook page.