Sheboygan's Food & Drink Scene

There's more to Sheboygan than brats.

Sheboygan is the largest town in the county and the surrounding area. It has drawn locals her for good mean and fun throughout its history.

While the town is mainly known for its German heritage and its world famous brats, there is plenty of ethnic fare. Interestingly, the town is known for its fine Italian cuisine. Two of finest establishments, Il Ritrovo and Trattoria Stefano Italiano, are within eyesight of each other on Eighth Street in the heart of downtown. Lino Ristauranta Italiano at the mouth of the river near the lakefront is very popular. The Duke of Devon, which serves English pub food, is consistently rated one of the best restaurants in town. Further north on Michigan Avenue lies two great Latin restaurants, El Camino’s and Luz da Luna which features Spanish and Mediterranean dishes. Eating along the waterfront is a wonderful experience. The South Pier Parlor and Harry’s Prohibition Bistro both offer fine dining and beautiful views. One of the best restaurants in town, Blackwolf Run Restaurant, is on the very edge of the city at the golf course. The course is beautiful year round and the food is truly exquisite.

After the sun goes down, or before that in the summer, downtown Sheboygan has a popular night scene. The city has a number of establishments that brew their own elixirs. The newest of the microbreweries is 3 Sheeps Brewery on Huron Street and also on 14th street with serves Hops Haven and the Wicked Grill. Three Sheeps was voted best new brewery in Wisconsin in 2012. The 8th Street Ale House brews their own beer and keep a number of local craft beers on tap. It has an eclectic lineup of events throughout the year like its own literary club. If you prefer grapes to barley then MoJo has a great wine bar upstairs. Myer’s Lakeview Pub gives you great views of Lake Michigan with your beer. For those who are looking for a non-alcoholic alternative, the Paradigm Coffee and Music on North Eighth Street is always busy. They feature local performers and is popular with the under-21 crowd.

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